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XL Telecom has a number of solutions that can enhance or refresh a company's existing telecom infrastructure, providing a smart solution, making internal and external communication simple, yet effective.

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Whether it is a small to medium company, or a large corporate that may be looking for a VoIP solution, broadband, telephone system, a simple fax box, or a complicated IVR, XL Telecom can service each requirement. XL Telecom aims to help a company increase sales and ensure that it has satisfied customers whenever, and however they are in contact.

When it comes to telecoms, XL Telecom can help bridge the gap, with a smart business-to-business telecoms solution. Do what is best for your business and Join the XL Telecom Family.

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Latest News
BT to increase prices by 7%
28th August 2014
Some good news – and some bad news for BT customers! As you may have heard, BT prices are soon set to rise by up to a wapping 7% - meaning that line rental will be over £17, and, with higher call charges and set-up... Read more >
XL Telecom Freezes Contract Lengths
9th May 2014
  XL Telecom has decided to freez the costs for the entire length of contracts! If you order a phone line now for just £12.50 per month, we guarantee that there will be no price rises at all for a minimum of two years. How... Read more >
0844/0843 can no longer be used for Consumer Help lines - Implementing the Consumer Rights Directive
7th January 2014
In June 2014, a new Ofcom requirement mandates companies which use 0844 and, or 0843 for consumer help lines can no longer charge the consumer, unless the company using a 0844/0843 reimburses the consumer for the call. Click here... Read more >