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Become a Preferred Reseller with Glow XL!

Want to offer your clients a wider range of telecoms services? Want to increase your income stream and gain time to help develop your business?

Here's a great opportunity for you and your company to work with Glow XL and to share our success by marketing our fantastic telecoms solutions to your clients!

Why join Glow XL?

We're an independent business telecoms solutions provider with a great range of bespoke products available to partners at very competitive prices. With such a broad range of solutions available, we're your one stop shop for all your requirements – and as a partner, there's no need for multiple, tedious product searches when sourcing a solution for your clients.

Whether your clients are looking for a brand new telecoms system, ISDN service or multiple PSTN line installation, lease data lines or satellite broadband, fax or voicemail solutions or bespoke IVRs, we're the specialists who can source it all, and can manage installation and set up from step one to completion.

We offer unique smart call solutions which enable your clients to control who can call them, on what numbers – and at what times. They can elect to have some, or all calls recorded – and can benefit from time planning, automatic answering and call forwarding.

We can offer virtual UK telephone numbers from all areas, enabling your clients to appear to have a presence wherever they want – and have an excellent range of memorable numbers at highly competitive prices, so we can help your clients raise their company profile at minimal cost.

See our range of Memorable Numbers

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At Glow XL, we know that as a business, you will want to spend with your clients, and working to provide them with first class customer service. We can offer professional expertise on your behalf, saving you more time to build your business. We can also do your billing for you and pay your commission directly into your bank account!

It can cost as little as nothing to become a Glow XL Preferred Partner, and as such, commissions soon build up. As your client base expands, so will your earnings from us. We're confident your clients will be impressed by our service and what we have to offer, and we're certain you'll soon appreciate the benefits of partnership with Glow XL!

Please feel free to call us if you'd like an informal chat with one of our team, or if you'd like to have a look at the options available to join us as a Preferred Reseller, please click the link below!

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When it comes to telecoms, XL Telecom can help bridge the gap, with a smart business-to-business telecoms solution.

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