XL Hosted Voice ServicesXLHV is the smart addition to any home office or business.

XLHV is a hosted voice service with the benefits of a traditional PBX, but without the expense. XLHV is a dynamic business communication solution that can improve the way your company conducts business from sales, accounts and customer service, to internal communication.

XLHV is offered with a choice of two phones:

  • Yealink T23G
  • Yealink T48S

Simply plug the Yealink SIP Phone into a broadband router, or use a Wi-Fi dongle to connect to a wireless network (Dongle is only available with the T48S).

Route a chosen telephone number to the phone and then receive inbound calls and make outbound calls. The Yealink SIP phone can be programmed to allow short code extensions for internal use, and supports multiple inbound and outbound lines.

The phone can also programmed to present your chosen Caller ID, allowing your business to display your chosen telephone number when making outbound calls.

  • Purchase or rent a Yealink T48S or T23G
  • Your number will route to the phone so that you can receive incoming calls on your Yealink phone
  • Your caller ID will be sent as your memorable number when you make outgoing calls
  • You can have as many Yealink phones as you want, in any location, providing there is a broadband connection
  • You can call between phones on extension numbers free of charge
  • Your incoming calls can hunt to phones in different locations (e.g. home, office1, office2 etc..)

Yealink T48S (high end broadband phone) – £245 + VAT to purchase or £20.42 + VAT per month to rent

Yealink T48S (high end wireless phone) – £285 + VAT to purchase or £23.75 + VAT per month to rent

Yealink T23G (standard phone) – £69.95 + VAT to purchase or £5.83 per month to rent

Monthly XL Hosted Voice Service Cost £5.95 + VAT

Incoming calls charges are 4.1ppm (billed by the second)

Outgoing calls billed at standard rates