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Memorable UK Phone Numbers

Memorable UK Phone Numbers

All of our memorable telephone numbers have been obtained via BT Openreach and are fully portable to all other UK providers. We provide an INBOUND telephone service and route your incoming calls to UK landlines and mobiles if you choose to keep your number with us, rather than port it away. YOU OWN YOUR MEMORABLE NUMBER as soon as we have received your full payment. We make things very simple for you with two easy purchasing options.

Option 1: Purchase your number & keep your number with us - we simply charge you a monthly rental and route your calls to an existing landline at no extra cost! Routing your calls to a UK mobile costs just 1ppm. Plus, you can port your number away at any time at no extra cost either once you've paid for your number in full. You can also spread the cost of purchasing your number over a few months too (providing you pay by direct debit).

Option 2: Purchase your number and port it away to another telephone company - your number will be ready to port as soon as you have paid and we will provide you with the details to give to your chosen telephone company. Note: Should you happen to have premises served by the same telephone exchange that the memorable number was originally connected to then you can port the number back to BT or other provider (Sky, TalkTalk etc...) and the number can be a real telephone line again - ask us if you need assistance with checking this. We can offer outbound telephone service via our network from your existing landlines and mobiles which will mean that we can present your memorable number as Caller ID to people you call.

To buy, please head to phonenumbers.store or call 08000 445 445 for more information.

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