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Business Telephone Lines

Telephone lines are one of the most important aspects of a business; they are key to increasing sales, customer service, supplier liaison, and day-to-day management. Telephone lines are a necessity to moving a business forward, an investment that is guaranteed to pay-off. XL Telecom provides high quality, cost effective solutions that can help a business become better at what it does best.

XL Telecom can provide all of your business telephone lines

  • Business Telephone Lines
  • ISDN2e
  • ISDN30e

Business telephone line charges for 2014

Business Telephone Installation Contract Lenghts and Installation Costs

  • 24 Months - £99
  • 12 Months - £125
  • 0 Months - £145

The above prices will be applied to sign up for direct debit, a £1.50 surcharge will be added for non-direct debit customers.

  • ISDN2e (2 channels)
Installation charge of £325
  • Monthly line rental of £24.99 for 2 channels, no minimum contract.
  • Unlimited UK calls to 01/02/03 numbers across both channels for just £15.98 per month.
  • ISDN30e (minimum 8 channels) 
Installation charge of £50 per channel
  • Monthly line rental of £17.50 per channel, no minimum contract.
  • Unlimited UK calls to 01/02/03 numbers for just £7.99 per channel, per month.
  • All prices exclude VAT and require payment by direct debit.

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To order, please call us FREE on 08000 445 445 or email solutions@xltelecom.co.uk

When it comes to telecoms, XL Telecom can help bridge the gap, with a smart business-to-business telecoms solution.

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