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BT is to increase prices by 7%

Some good news – and some bad news for BT customers!

As you may have heard, BT prices are soon set to rise by up to a wapping 7% - meaning that line rental will be over £17, and, with higher call charges and set-up fees, keeping in touch will be even more costly!

We HATE to see businesses paying too much for their telecoms services, so we're offering ALL BT* CUSTOMERS the chance to join us – FOR FREE!

To help – we'll make the transfer smooth & seamless, and we'll even pay your line rental for the first THREE MONTHS: – only your calls to pay for!

After 3 months, you'll benefit from low-cost line rental at £12.50 per month, saving you almost £5 on BT's new cost! You'll also benefit from UK based, in-house email & telephone support, lower call costs, per-second billing – and no costly set-up fees every time you make a call!
You'll have the reassurance, too, that our prices are GUARANTEED not to rise at any time during your 24 month contract!

*Offer also applies to customers of any other service providers, as long as their line remains with Openreach and has not been LLU'd.

It's time to make the move. Join the XL Telecom family!

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